Sharing a use of URL strings

Neil Watson
Neil Watson ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 01/11/21 in Smartsheet Basics


Form URL's can be appended to include information so that fields on the form can be prepopulated with data to assist with completion (using ? followed by the required information).

It may assist to know that these URL's can be generated in your sheet using a formula. This is useful where a finding in one sheet might lead to the creation of an action in another sheet, and where some information from the "finding" sheet needs to be carried across to the "action" sheet.

Sharing of these URL's is also possible using automated updates.

The cell or column formula is in the format ="action form URL here" + "?" + "FormFieldName" + [Date passed from finding sheet row]@row etc etc.

More info on the URL query string here