Formula for showing subtraction/sum compared to total

Hi there,

I'm working on testing quality assurance of products sent to my company. For each row in my Smartsheet represents one product I am testing. Each row requires testing on 160 samples.

In my reports I want to show the "Result Summary" column where if there were no nonconformities, then it would show up as "160/160". However, if there is one nonconformity, I need it to show up as 159/160 (and so on if there are more nonconformities).

I have a separate column that adds up all of the nonconformities for each row (product).

I now have a separate column that will subtract 160-[Sum of nonconformities].

But I'm struggling with how to present the "Results Summary" column with the formatting required in our report (160-[Sum of nonconformities]/160)

Any ideas?

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