Mindmap / Spider Web views of parent/child and relationship dependencies across worksheets

Graham Ledger
Graham Ledger ✭✭✭
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Has anyone looked at or know of a way to create a more interactive dashboard of a mindmap / spider view of worksheet relationships and parent child dependencies within?

I am using smartsheet to manage organisational OKR's and whilst I can create traditional grid/card and even dashboard views the OKR tools I am seeking options to provide the executive relationship views so you can drill down a spider map style view with key details shown on cards or hover info items.

Beyond the traditional view of a dashboard for multi-worksheets, I would like to be able to create this more visual dependency from Executive objectives, cascading down through the organisational objectives and their individual alignment - the spider web expanding view allows this kind of exploration and reporting up to large corp exec's of the strategic objective status etc - we can do this traditionally via dashboards and calculated RAG views but senior execs are looking for and industry is taking them to more interactive graphical relationship views.

Are smartsheet looking at this or any third parties?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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