What is your favorite view? Grid vs. Card vs. Gantt vs. Calendar

Kevin Branscum
Kevin Branscum Employee
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Asking all marketers! What is your favorite way to view your sheets? Is it the Card View, Grid View, Gantt View, or Calendar View? Do you switch back and forth? We've had a lot of internal debates about the best approach--and it often comes down to context. The assumption is that marketers "hate" the Grid View... but as a marketer myself, I tend to disagree.


  • Cathryne Scharton
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    I think the calendar view can be a bit inconvenient to use. I was working on setting up a sheet with our magazine advertising projects. I broke it down by publication, ad format (digital, print), ad content and size and then the piece of that ad (imagery, copy, QR code....). I found until I list out something like Imagery | Product | Publication, my calendar just says imagery or QR code. I can double click the bar, but it seems easier to strategically name everything...but it's not ideal.

    The Gnatt view really drives me nuts requiring a start date and an end date. I don't feel like I can accurately budget other people's time. I just want to put in a deadline for the task owner and let them figure out how long it will take them to complete that task.

  • Melissa Morris
    Melissa Morris ✭✭✭
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    It depends on the sheet. For task sheets, I'm partial to the grid view. We don't use start/end dates in our processes so gant view isn't helpful. Sheets we use for scheduling is better in calendar view however we also use Calendar App that makes viewing our schedules even better!