check duplicate row and keep only the last one


Hi guys,

Hi have a sheet with an automatic import (using Data Uploader)

For some reasons, sometimes I have two times the same row datas collected from my data sources.

How can I use a formula to check if I have duplicate row and if I have duplicate row, only "keep" (or check a box for the row) the last import (I already use an automatic workflow to record a date, when a row is added)

I already use a formula like this to mark a column with a "1" when there is a duplicate row :

=IF([Start Date]@row = "", 0, IF(COUNTIF([Start Date]:[Start Date], [Start Date]@row) > 1, 1))

So I would like to have a "1" only when row is a duplicated one AND only for the row with column "ImportDate" containing the more recent date