Mobile App - Help with viewing public dashboards and favoriting forms

I've created a dashboard with several links to Smartsheet forms we use. I've published the dashboard and shared the published link. All of our employees have the Smartsheet app on their work phones. When they click on the published link to this dashboard though, it opens it up in their mobile browser, rather than the app. So then when they click on a link to a form, it also opens up in a browser. Yes they can 'pull down' on the screen to see the Smartsheet app button and then open the form in the app, but it's a bit convoluted for my liking, and that's not even an option for the dashboard page.

Also, apparently there's no way to favorite a form on the mobile app? I can favorite the sheet, but not the actual form, and most of our users will not have access to the sheet.

Should there be a way to view a public dashboard (and it's hyperlinks) from within a mobile app?

Is there a way to have users favorite a specific form in their mobile app?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Chris Armstrong

    Published Links are unique URLs that allow collaborators to view the sheet, report, or dashboard without accessing Smartsheet at all. (See more in the Help Center: Publish a Sheet, Report, or Dashboard.)

    This means that clicking a published link will not direct users to the Smartsheet app, since it's essentially a web-page requiring a browser not a Smartsheet item... does that make sense? If you want your users to only open it in the mobile app, you will want to Share the Dashboard with Viewer permissions instead (see: Share Sheets, Reports, or Dashboards).

    Form links are built in a similar way, and are not considered a Smartsheet "item" in the same way that a sheet, report, or dashboard is an item. This means that currently there is no way to favourite a Form URL in the app in the same way you can favourite a Smartsheet item.

    I would suggest sharing the Dashboard directly to your users so they can access it in the Mobile App, then have them mark the Dashboard as a favourite, for easy-access. Form links from a Shared Dashboard inside the Mobile App should then open up from within the App as well.

    I hope that helps!