Unable to delete a user

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When trying to delete a user, I'm receiving a message that the user owns a workspace. I ran the ownership report for the user and nothing shows up.

How would I resolve the issue?


  • Bassam KhalilBassam Khalil ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Joan McDevitt 

    Hope you are fine, when you receive this message "user owns a workspace", that is mean the user is the owner of the workspace so he must log in with his account and transfer the workspace ownership to another user before you can delete him. the following article will help you to understand what should you do to delete anyone:

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  • Thank you, Bassam. The issue is that no workspace shows for that user, and that user is no longer part of the project for which he/she was added. As a System Administrator, shouldn't I be able to see the workspace owned by this person. Also, when I select transfer ownership for this person, I receive a message that the person doesn't own anything.

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