Can a Smartsheet form populate a PDF, and then send that PDF to Slack



My company has a logistics driver that delivers sets to theatre. He usually fills in a paper form of what he has dropped off and then takes a picture of that and posts it on Slack. We have decided to move over to a paperless system and have made a smartsheet form to track which sets are delivered. Each time a new row is recorded there is a notification to Slack that a new record has been added to the sheet. This isn't ideal as when you follow the link it just takes you to the sheet and there are a lot of different sets so it isn't easy to see what has been delivered.

My question is whether or not the form submission can populate the information into a PDF (sort of like when you request a record of your submission to be emailed to you) and send it to Slack?



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Jacques de Villiers

    Currently Smartsheet's workflows can only send Slack Notifications as you have already seen, with a small preview of specific data from the row that was updated. You can see details on how data is sent to Slack from this Help Center article: How Alerts and Requests Appear in Slack

    This type of workflow is not able to send a PDF version of the row, but please let our Product Team know about your use case and your feedback by filling out this form, here!

    You could potentially look into using Document Builder to generate a PDF from each row, but this would not be automated to send to Slack. Another alternative would be to have the workflow send an email with all the information, which would be similar to a form submission confirmation email, but again this would not be sent to Slack.

    I hope this information helps!



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