Setting up access to a Smartsheet Calendar in Outlook


We are migrating our vacation and PTO requests into a Smartsheet. We would like the calendar view that our payroll admin has of all the approved time off to be available for all to see in outlook. I took the webcal link and shared it with several staff members to see if they could access the calendar. It looks like it requires access to the underlying sheet. I need a webcal link that provides access to the calendar in outlook without requiring us to give everyone access to the underlying sheet. Is this something anyone else has been able to accomplish? if I publish the sheet, will that help?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Anna1

    You should be able to share the Published Calendar URL to your team members, for them to add this into their own Outlook calendar. This link, as a "published" link, does not require the user to be shared to the underlying sheet.

    From Calendar View, click on the red calendar icon to open up the Publish window:

    Then when you turn on the Calendar option, click Get Link to bring up this window. Copy the link from the white bar, and this is the URL you can provide to your colleagues.

    Then they will need to go into their Outlook calendar and click "Add Calendar" then "Subscribe from Web" and paste this link into that spot. (See this Help Article: Publish a Smartsheet Calendar.)

    Let me know if this works for you! If not, you may want to contact Smartsheet Support with screen captures of your process and any error message they are receiving so Support can troubleshoot this with you in more detail through a private channel.