Automated Notifications coming from various contacts

Ok my friendly, neighborhood, Smartsheet Gurus - this has got me stumpted and I need your assistance.

I have a sheet that sends out automated notifications to a contact list as well as myself when a project hasn't been actioned within a few days.

The notifications are working as designed, however, they are sent from seemingly random contacts in the sheet.

For instance, I have several emails in my inbox for these notifications all from different senders (via Smartsheet)

Colton W via Smartsheet

Heena P via Smartsheet

Bill M via Smartsheet

When I review the rows, these contacts are not mentioned anywhere (in some instances, the contact list is blank for the row).

Is there something that is triggering the names that Smartsheet is using to send the notifcations on behalf of? I am truly scratching my head at this one.

Happy to provide more information if needed.

Thanks in advance