Improving Formula Descriptions

I feel like it could be better shown, for a variety of examples, how formulas can be used. For example, this image doesn't really tell you what the answer to the example is. The example only shows that those data types can be used but doesn't help you understand what it does. Minor gripe I suppose. Also sometimes I wonder if I can use an array input or only a single value into some formulas (because in Excel this is commonly possible), but it seems "matrix" math type formulas aren't really supported here. Nevertheless, I feel like being more detailed about data types, showing the results of the example, and possibly giving some examples of advanced use-cases would be a great improvement.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Preston Murphy

    Thanks for sharing your feedback! The Product Team is responsible for updates like these, so it would be great if you could provide this same information to them in this form, here.

    That said, it looks like you're reviewing the formula help window when working within a sheet. From that window you can click on the "Learn More" section at the bottom which will take you to the Help Center page for this function (see here: RIGHT). The Help Center has more space to go into detail and provide examples and use-cases of each of our functions.

    You can also find a sheet filled with formula examples in the Solution Center (search "formulas" and it will pop up: Smartsheet Formula Examples). I personally find this the best resource as I can see the function working in a sheet, instead of just reading about it. I hope that helps!



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