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Sandra Guzman
Sandra Guzman ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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Hi Smartsheet Community!

Today I was alerted to a couple of issues that I am wondering whether or not they are related to the recent releases.

(1) My Intake form that has a contact list value was not working even though it was previously. I went ahead and selected the contacts in my sheet and the values are now visible. So that was an easy fix.

(2) One of my reports that currently has a column displayed is not editable and is the same column that impacted my intake form listed above. I noticed that the column displayed is not included in the 32 columns selected. This may have to do with when the report builder was changed but I haven't received any reports of issues until today. I am planning to remove the column and reselect the column and hopefully that will fix my issue.

I am planning to report this issue by submitting the Contact SS Support form.

What I am wondering... is there a forum, link or way for me to find what all the known reported issues are? I usually search the community to see if I can find things that are similar in nature but it would be nice if there was an area with a consolidated list that could provide any known or reported issues, list a potential workaround, or provide a date or note that the issue is being worked on. Maybe it's something that could be shared with members that are part of EAP? Just want to find ways to quickly find this information without having to spend the time digging for it.

If there is nothing that exists today... I will submit an enhancement request. ✔️

Thanks in advance!


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