Smartsheet App Barcode Scanner


Anyone out there find the barcode scanner on the app, particularly into webforms SUPER sensitive!?

We've just started using a product expiry system in smartsheet which requires those receiving orders to scan the product barcode into a webform and enter the expiry date, qty etc. Then once that goes through to a 'landing page' there's a vlookup of the SKU to a product list and the name and category is populated. Once those details are correct it moves the row into the main register... Leaving any #NO MATCH ones for me to identify!!

We've found that you have to be very particular in how you scan the barcode and cross check the barcode to what's entered as it is too quick and can scan half the barcode before you've got it into position or even read the carton barcode on the floor or a shelf label 1m away! Often also jumbles up the first 4 or 5 numbers of the barcode too.

Also wondering if it's ever likely to have the capability to read Code 93 barcodes!?