I am trying to setup connectivity between Smartsheets and Jira

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I recently purchased the Jira integration tool. We have Jira on prem. I believe that we have done everything they told us to do to setup the connection but I am getting an error that I am entering an invalid address into smartsheets. Has anyone had this and figured out the problem? Any idea what I can check? I have not getting feedback from the implementation guy yet. Thanks


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    Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s)/copies of the sheet(s) or some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too, [email protected])

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  • Here is the error I get.

    I am told that the firewall and the Jira side of things are configured as required based on the documentation. The url that I was told to use is to a JIRA signon screen. Is that the correct URL or should it be one that points someplace else?

  • I am trying to get my connectivity setup between Smartsheets and my Jira syste (on Prem). My technical resource have told me that they have followed the documentation (firewall opened and security cert installed...) but I still cannot get the connectivity setup. Right now the error I get is.

    SSL Handshake failed on JIRA host. Please make sure your JIRA URL is correct. Also verify with your JIRA administrator that your JIRA Instance is using a valid SSL certificate (note that expired certificates will be considered invalid).

    The URL is correct and the Cert is valid. Has anyone else setup connectivity to an on prem version of JIRA?

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    Hi @aclay

    The only time I personally have seen the error from your screen capture ("The URL for your JIRA host is unknown or is invalid. Please verify that the URL is correct and accessible.") is when the Reverse Proxy configuration is not correct (see: Option 2: Reverse Proxy in this article, Jira Connector Firewall FAQ).

    That Help article has a number of links to Atlassian's troubleshooting documentation you may want your IT department to review. For example, here's some information on troubleshooting the SSL certificate (as in your most recent comment): SSL and application link troubleshooting guide.

    If neither of these articles have helped, I would suggest that having your IT department work directly with Smartsheet Support may be the best way to proceed, as you'll be able to share information and screen captures through a private channel.



  • Thank you, Apparently when the person installed the SSL Cert he forgot a step and it didn't keep its chain, or something like that. I have it working now.... Well except when I bring dates over to Smartsheets they come over as the day before.