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How should I set up my automations to get one email per record. Approvals are getting done generally pretty quick once a day and multiple records are being approved at once. The format is not presentable to the client. The automation stacks what should be individualized emails. I have the automation to "when triggered" and "custom", which are the suggestions I have been able to find. Here is an example of the format I am getting:

Can you let me know the best way to fix this issue. Thank you for your help!





  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @EPayne

    I hope you're well and safe!

    I'd recommend adding placeholders because then the Approvals would send one by one up to six rows.

    Placeholders will generate separate notifications when using placeholders with Alert or Update Request actions in change-based workflows if six or fewer rows are triggered simultaneously. If seven or more rows are triggered at once, the custom subject and body will be removed.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Heather Duff
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    @Andrée Starå I'm not the OP of this question, but thank you for this information! It's brilliant, and will prove to be so helpful.



  • EPayne
    EPayne ✭✭
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    Hi Andree,

    Thanks for getting back to me, I hope you are well and safe also.

    I already have many placeholders in my email. The information is going to the same Representative but the company information is different. The email keeps the placeholders but stacks all responses in one email with little as two approval responses.

    Previously, it has shown a grid for me when it compresses the information (when no placeholders were used) into one email vs stacking the customized email.

    Here is my current email with the stacking issue:

    Thanks for the information. This is already part of the automation:

    Hello {{Name of Requesting Sales Rep:}}, 

     Thank you for submitting your End User Project for Review. 

     {{Company Name and Logo:}} 

    {{Company Website:}}.  

    {{Logo Location Request}} 

     Your National Reps Response:  

     {{Approval Response:}} 

    {{Comments for Dealer:}} 



  • Shawn Thomas

    Following this thread- I'm having the same trouble and need separate notifications sent out. We communicate via the subject lines in email to move quickly. i.e- When we assign 3 tasks to the same person at the same time the place holders get wiped out in the subject line. Or when we have form submittals form different users that happen to land within the same minute, we have the same problem.

    Sample email subject:

    Subject: (2 entries) Tech# (2 entries)- Place on (2 entries) Same Day Request

    Need this split into 2 emails-:

    Email 1- Subject: Tech# 27936- Place on Tech Assist Same Day Request

    Email 2- Subject: Tech# 27012- Place on Project Same Day Request

  • EPayne
    EPayne ✭✭

    Hi again,

    I just wanted to check in to see if anyone has additional information on this issue. I have added placeholders to the subject line and throughout the email without any changes in behavior.

    We currently are having to parse out the emails because they are not client facing quality. I appreciate any advice you may have.