Timeline views like MSP

I've recently been asked to move to Smartsheet from MSP. One feature I instantly miss is the timeline view - is there something similar in Smartsheet?


  • Jennifer Greenough
    Jennifer Greenough Overachievers Alumni

    Hi James,

    If you mean the timeline or Gantt view, in Smartsheet you can switch from Grid view to the Gantt view. See below for a screenshot of where to find that. If you meant something else, comment back. We use Office Timeline to create timeline graphics in Power Point since the Gantt view can be overwhelming as a visual

    for large projects (also works with MSP).


  • James Ward
    James Ward ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Jennifer, I mean like this. I've selected key tasks and they're now shown on a top level view.

  • James Ward
    James Ward ✭✭✭✭

    I also use office timeline - would be great to see some kind of interaction between the two (select a number of lines on the grid export to office timeline online).

    I'll use that in the mean time, would be good to see if this high level programme information is on the roadmap to help us out.

  • I am in the same situation going from MSP to Smartsheet and I am really missing the MSP timeline view

    Any one knew if Smartsheet is working on a solution



  • I am also interested in this feature. Does anyone know if Smartsheet is working on this?

  • James Ward
    James Ward ✭✭✭✭

    Coming back here to see if there's been any progress.

    I'm about to buy office timeline as the visuals on SS are still pretty outdated to communicate effectively at a high level (both through lack of 'timeline' and the Gantt is tired looking and busy)

  • Totally agree. This needs to be added to Smartsheet. A Major limitation at this point.

  • James Ward
    James Ward ✭✭✭✭

    Since I posted this I've actually moved back to MSP, the Gantt functions on SS + Calendar App aren't enough to make my life any better than using MSP + Timeline view.

  • This MSP timeline feature is literally the only thing that I still need to use MSP for. I have been trying to move some of my peers over to SS by showing what a powerful tool it is and so far everyone has been impressed with the only exception of this one feature that is missing. Every single person specifically mentioned that as a major gap. Is there any plan to implement it in SS?

  • The closest I've gotten is to run a report on select tasks. Then turn on Gantt view in the report. One shortfall is still that i cant manually arrange the tasks/bars other than through the sort feature eg sort by oldest to news start/end dates.

    That said, SS staff, please add a MSP Timeline feature ASAP!!