Seeing additional matches from Search bar search


I often get a message like "showing top 100 of 400 matches after filtering' when doing a search. Is there a way to see the other 300 matches?

I've already filtered as much as possible (by type, location, etc)


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @frobison14816

    The search window will only show 100 results at a time and there currently isn't a way to see all the results.

    There are a number of tips and tricks for how to filter down your search results in this Help Article: Search Tips to Find Your Smartsheet Items

    Personally, I find using quotes when searching for specific values that I know are next to each other in the title or in the cell has helped a lot with filtering down the results. Ex. searching "Test Sheet" instead of Test Sheet without quotes.

    The one with quotes will make sure the two words are next to each other (ex: Test Sheet 1), whereas the second option will return items that have those two words anywhere in the string (ex: Sheet that is for Testing).

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