Dashboard - missing source report error when report shared as advanced dashboard viewer

My team are getting a error of "Missing Source Report" when viewing their Dashboard for any reports that are set with the advanced report widget option of Dashboard Viewer. They can see it if I change it to Widget Editor however, they only see my information as the report creator not their own as it should be for the report. The reports are set up to only show information for the current user.

The reports are shared via a tab in MS Teams but it doesn't seem to matter how I share it or publish it the same issues results.

Anyone have any ideas what I may be missing?



  • David Dolch
    David Dolch ✭✭✭✭✭

    On your dashboard, if you have the Advanced Option of "Dashboard Viewer" set, then they will be able to see the report only if they have access to the underlying report itself.

    If you have the Advanced Option set to "Widget Editor" then they will be able to see what you see, regardless of whatever permissions they have on the report.

    If your report has a filter on it that filters by "Current User" and the Advanced Option is set to Widget Editor then they will see the report, filtered by the log in email.

    Note that the filter on the report has to be "Current User"

    Your source sheet should have a Contact type column. Your report should be filtering on that column, with a type of Current User.

    If your users are getting blank reports, check how they are logging in vs how their contact information is set up. Emails have to match exactly. I had this issue as people in my company have multiple emails that all point to the same mailbox and they were logging in with the incorrect email address.