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Feature Request: Barcodes & QR codes read/generate/print

Brad Jones
Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Barcodes and QR codes are very useful for invenory management, and simply avoiding mistakes when entering data.  They are also a great way to share things quickly (ala WeChat users) I think it would be great if we could add this into SS.


1. Ability to scan/accept Barcodes/QR codes - usually the easy part.

2. Ability to generate/print Barcodes/QR codes - might be trickier.


  • Hi Brad,


    Thanks for reaching out! Scanning bar codes/QR codes is not yet supported on Mobile, but it's a feature that we are tracking and would definitely like to support in the future. Can you elaborate more on the scenarios in which scanning codes would be helpful for you? For example, what type of data would you want prepopulated? Also, how do you generally enter data (e.g. adding a new row into a sheet, filling out a web form, etc.)?





    Mobile Product Manager at Smartsheet

  • This would be incredibly useful for chemical inventory control.  We use barcode scanners to record chemical deliveries in our college's science labs.

  • ChrisB
    ChrisB Employee

    Hi all,

    We updated our mobile apps last week with barcode scanning capabilities for use when searching and when editing sheets. Please take a look at the launch announcement to learn more!

    Please note that while we do not currently support generating QR/Barcodes, it is something being considered for the future.


  • Please add support for generating bar-codes.

  • ChrisB
    ChrisB Employee

    We appreciate the feedback! Are you most interested in generating 1D barcodes for numbers, 2D (QR) codes for links or both?

    Barcode generation is something we will consider for the future!


  • Generating 1D codes would be big for our needs.

  • So, I've setup a new sheet with the barcode template - and I've scanned a few barcodes in ("new row" - "scan sku"), but I was expecting the ability to do a simple web lookup of the barcode and auto-populate the description field. Many other barcode apps on my phone can do this - hence my expectation. 

    It that possible in smartsheets?  It doesn't have to be "live" on the phone - I could run a routine later (desktop) to auto-pop the descriptions.  and it doesn't have to be perfect - getting a few bad web lookups wouldn't be fatal.  But having to type in all the descriptions, kinda defeats the purpose (for me).



  • I would like to jump in here and ask that Smartsheet would have the ability to generate a Barcode with an auto command of some sort. I would use this for creating large event rosters, generate the barcode for each attendee, then check in each attendee with the mobile app.

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