Networkdays Formula

Help! I've tried a 1000 different versions and nothing has worked quite right yet!

We are counting workdays between a due date (date- due) and date of issue correction (date- corrected).

Also, I don't want to receive the #invaliddata if my date- corrected cell is blank.

I'm good with: =IFERROR(NETWORKDAYS([Date- Due]@row, [Date- Corrected]@row), "")

However, in my mind... issues corrected on the same day should return 0. And currently it returns 1.


Date- Due/// Date- Corrected/// TAT Currently/// TAT Desired

3/3/21/// 3/4/21/// 2/// 1

3/3/21/// 3/3/21/// 1/// 0

3/8/21/// 3/2/21/// -5/// -4



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