Kanban WIP limits


Hei team,

Is there a way to set WIP limits to the columns in the card view?

IE if a team shouldn't have more than 5 cards in their 'In progress' column, and no more than 2 cards in their 'Blocked' column; is there a way to either prevent new cards to be moved into that column, or change their color to indicate they're going over the limit, or create a "swimlane" horizontal barrier with a limit of cards above that line, and all new cards moved into that column show under that line, ...?


  • Angela.R
    Angela.R ✭✭✭

    There is not a current function to my knowledge that allows a user to limit the number of cards on a column. Or an automated way to adjust the color when that column exceeds x number.

    One idea top of mind - though i wouldn't know the formulas to go about it.

    Is in grid view create a "Status Health" column of some kind that will say RYG balls turn red when [Status] "In Progress" count is greater than 3.

    Then use conditional formatting to set up a rule. When Status Health is Red - make the task bar red

    The task bar in card view will be the side card color.

    In this case, i know in "not started" it has exceed my "limits"

    However im not sure the formula to change "Status Health" when "In Progress" count exceeds x #

    But conditional formatting mixed with a formula may help.