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Adding checklists to a project

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In my project with gant chartsd and ependencies, I would like to add a task, e.g., "Set Up Vendors".  As a subtask, I would like be able to add 10 vendors.  Ideally then, as each vendor is setup, I want to "checkmark" each vendor.  Once all 10 vendors are checked, then the task can be marked as complete.  Is this possible?


Additionally, can I set up a form to be complketed, and the act of completing the form marks the task complete?


Thank you for your help.


  • Rob Hagan
    Rob Hagan ✭✭✭

    Hi C F,

    On the face of it, this sounds like it can be implemented as a parent row with 10 child rows.

    The parent is called "Set Up Vendors" and the children are "Set Up Vendor 1", "Set Up Vendor 2", etc. (and you may like to give them their real vendor names).

    The %Complete of the children roll up to create the %Complete of the parent (normal SmartSheet functionality).

    Initially, the %Complete of the children are all zero so the %Complete of the parent is also zero. When one of the children is set to 100% complete then the parent will be 10% complete, and so on. This also permits you to track partial completion of the set up of vendors. You may have a convention of 50% when you've sent the vendor some "set up form" and 75% when they have sent it back and 100% when the data is loaded or verfied or whatever in the "Vendor Setup System".

    I hope that this helps.



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