Dynamic View Sharing

Rebecca Wilhelm
Rebecca Wilhelm Overachievers Alumni
edited 09/06/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

I want to share the view based off of the contact column in the source sheet. The contacts added to the source sheet are all external clients. Is there a way for me to share the view to all contacts in the source sheet column and for it to automatically update when new contacts are added? I want the client only to be able to see the row associated with their contact email.



  • Hey Rebecca,

    You can use the 'Restrict view by current user' option for this (Settings ->General) to select a contact column that will restrict the current user's view. The current user will only see rows that contain their email in the column. You do need to ensure that the view has been shared to the user though (Settings ->Sharing). It does not get shared automatically to people who are named in the contact column. To make it easier, you could share by Smartsheet group or domain rather than individually. If you share something to the external client's domain then everyone with that domain will have access to the view, but will only see rows where their specific email is present.

    Hope this helps!