Jira Connector - No error, but Field changes do not synch back to Jira


We have three important fields we use to report on our jira issues. I'm trying to create an audit list, via a 2 way jira connector synch - to review a list of issues and easily be able to update these three fields. The feidls are:

1) Labels

2) Requestor

3) Epic Link

When I try to update 1) in smart sheet, I get the field is not on the edit screen error - OK, but Lables is not a field that is available to add to the edit screen - how do I change that?

When I update 2) - the sync runs (I can verify by editing the summary of the issue and that goes across) but the Requestor does not change in Jira. Furthermore, the 2way synch then quickly runs again and changes the Smart Sheet Requestor back to the original value...? Requestor field IS on the edit screen.

#3 works great.


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