Automation of Start Date


We are currently looking for a way to manually adjust "Start Date" and "End Date" columns that are tied to predecessors and durations. Our goal is to adjust these dates from Reports or Task Lists that pull the tasks, data, and dates from multiple Worksheets. Currently, we cannot auto-adjust these dates due to the formulas tied into the cells. We have been populating a third column for dates, which then requires opening each sheet for later adjustment.

Is there a workaround where we can populate that the "Start Date" column with the "End Date" still following the duration? This would greatly reduce time spent adjusting sheet by sheet, and would greatly aid in the calendar function and adjustment within individual reports and task lists. Thanks!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Taylor Hartman

    Since you have Dependencies enabled in your Project sheets, this means that Reports cannot update either End Dates or Start Dates that have a predecessor determining when the task starts. You can update a Start Date if it only has rows dependent on it, but no predecessors, does that make sense?

    Please see the bottom two bullet points in this Help Article: Select Source Sheets for Report Builder

    You will need to make these updates directly into the source sheets (which will then automatically reflect in the Report, afterwards).

    I'd be interested to see if another Community member has an alternate suggestion, but what you're currently doing (noting down the proposed new Start Date then going into the source sheet and updating it there) is the way I would personally suggest to make these adjustments.