Streamline document workflows right from Smartsheet with the new DocuSign integration

03/17/21 Edited 03/17/21

Hey Smartsheet Community,

As of today, Smartsheet is pleased to announce the new DocuSign integration is avaliable for all customers on Enterprise and Premier Plans!

How does the DocuSign integration help?

With the DocuSign integration, customers can now seamlessly create custom documents with row data, send them for signature, and track the signing statuses — all from Smartsheet — in order to save time, reduce costs and errors, and ultimately drive their business forward. There is a big market opportunity here.

In app functionality examples provided below:

Combines two inputs — an existing DocuSign template and the data in your sheet — to create and send out documents that are customized for each row.

Create and send custom documents in minutes

Increase visibility and act faster with real-time statuses

Sign and centralize your documents all in one platform, now with Smartsheet + DocuSign.

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Smartsheet Community Team


  • StefanStefan ✭✭✭

    Great, finally here! 👌

    Smartsheet Consulting, Solution Building, Training and Support.

    Projects for Processes and for People.

  • Has Smartsheet produced a video that walks through the features and use cases? Real excited to add this integration to our clients' workflows, which are heavily Docusign intensive.

  • @3SGS I'll check in with our internal team to see if this something that is in the works and report back shortly with an answer!


    Maxwell from Smartsheet

  • @3SGS Our internal team has relayed to me that they have a handful of videos being created right now, not sure about Use Cases though. The Use Cases may be towards EOY/beginning of next, after the integration has been out for some time.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!


    Maxwell from Smartsheet

  • Kimberly LovelessKimberly Loveless ✭✭✭✭✭

    Following this will Smartsheet be looking to integrate with other e-signature programs as well?

    For example AdobeSign

  • @Kimberly Loveless Smartsheet has plans to expand our esignature integrations in DocuSign to AdobeSign.

    Please stay tuned for updates!


    Maxwell from Smartsheet

  • Hope this will be a seamless user experience for those signing. Looking forward to it!

  • So you need to have documents/Forms in Docusign first then integrate into Smartsheet? We have Forms created in Smartsheet and wish to add an esignature (whether docusign or other feature).

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