Form Dropdown Select and Quantity


Hello, I am trying to create a form where users can select a product from a dropdown and enter a quantity. e.g. the category is blue t-shirts, the dropdown are sizes (S,M,L) and users can select S and enter in 5 for quantity. I would also like users to be able to make multiple selections each with quantities from the same category but I am having difficulty finding the right solution. Thanks for the help, I am on the GOV version.



  • coby
    coby ✭✭✭✭

    This is very doable with Smartsheet. The form fields mimic the column types, so if you have the size column be a multi-select dropdown, the the form-field will also be a multi-select dropdown field. Then what you can do is make a conditional logic based on the response to the size field that will ask quantities for each size depending on if they were selected or not.