Ending Digit Missing in Text/Number Column

Hello all,

We are using a SmartSheet to track machine related problems.

The column we are having issues with has text entered such as:

118.2103 (Model.Serial Number)

I figured that if I used the Text/Number Column it would save whatever was entered.

What I am experiencing is that the last digit is missing from each entered number.

See attachment. Any idea why this is occuring?

The 575.10557 number displays, but the actual entered data is 575.105573.

When I select the cell it shows the 575.105573. See attachment SmartSheetIssue2


  • Marshall,

    I'm guessing it has to do with the [Decrease Decimal]/[Increase Decimal]

    It looks like IF you add another . [period] at the end of the number, the entire number will display.

    Hope that helps!

  • It seems kinda ashame then that Text/Number aren't seperate formats for a column.

    Our number structure for this information doesn't work like this.

  • Sarah Donnelly
    Sarah Donnelly ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Marshall Brown I recently ran into something similar in one of my sheets. I highlighted the entire column and then used the Increase Decimal function to add the additional places I needed to have display.

    Because the data was already present in the cells of my sheet, like it is in yours, it was easy to keep clicking the function until the full number displayed. Because the full column was highlighted the format was saved to all the cells and any new information added displayed correctly. I hope this might help.