Why Can't Column Labels be Bolded and Centered?


I read a previous answers on this which simply said, you can't. Why? I would like to know why we can't have this simple function which would make sheets look so much nicer and cleaner. Seems like a simple request to me...


  • John Drugan
    John Drugan ✭✭✭

    Guessing here, but maybe an issue of space and readability when compressing or expanding columns. So, only the end of the label (the unimportant part?) gets truncated, the column header doesn't shift when expanding columns, and the header stays to the left in case a wide column spills over onto the unreadable part of the page. Agreed, would be nice for bold. Maybe helps save a few pixels here and there (saving width space). Probably missing a bunch of other reasons that are even more likely, maybe we'll never really know! Take care.