Is there a way to create a fillable form (PDF or otherwise) that would allow Smartsheet to capture the entered data AND allow for the form to be signed with DocuSign?



  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Steve Girodat

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Yes, you could start with a form and then use the DocuSign integration to start the signing process.

    You'd need to add and set up a Fillable PDF in the Document Builder first.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic day!


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  • Steve Girodat


    I appreciate your response, thank you. I'm not sure how that would work perhaps you could explain it further? It seems that your solution would require 2 separate documents (the Smartsheet form and then the DocuSign document). I am trying to do this in one step (completed information is populated on a Smartsheet, form is also signed).

    Again any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Goodmorning Steve!

    I have actually just completed a sheet for my company that follows the same process. Here is what I did...

    As the creator, I had to create a docusign account. When logged in on docusign's site, you have the option to create a template. Use the fillable PDF you are hoping to generate when creating the template, assigning a separate placeholder to each signature field in the docusign template. Finish this process until the template is saved within your docusign account.

    Back in Smartsheet, select to generate a document with docusign. It should ask you to sign in to your account, and, from there, you should be able to select the template you just created. Smartsheet will tell you to assign roles (placeholders you created in docusign) to a Smartsheet column. I assigned my roles to contact lists so that an email column was not necessary.

    After this step, select if you would like a tracking column and click done. Once the docusign portion is finished, then Smartsheet automatically brings you to the form mapping screen. From here, you can map columns to form fields to auto generate as you would normally.

    Once this is saved, anytime you generate a document with this mapping, it will first send out signature requests to whichever emails you assigned to the roles. As soon as everyone signs the document, it will then be attached to the row.

    Hope this helps!!



  • Steve Girodat


    Thank you for your response and detailed steps. Was there any way to capture the information that was entered into the signed document (similar to how a Smartsheet form would populate)? I'm looking to send out a form, have someone complete it and sign it (DocuSign), then have the entered responses populate a Smartsheet.

    Another way of saying this is instead of mapping columns to the document to auto generate, I'm hoping to map columns to the document to capture whatever information is entered by the signer (business name, date, address, etc.)

    Thanks again as I really appreciate your response.


  • Steve,

    Hmm, I don't think so unfortunately. I tried this process, and it saved within the PDF that was attached to the row, but I don't think the process works in reverse to fill column fields from the PDF.

    What I would do is create a form within your sheet and send the direct form link for them to fill out the necessary information. Then, you could go back in and generate the document to send out DocuSign request- a bit tedious to have two separate emails, but I'm not sure of another workaround.

    Maybe one of the Smartsheet gurus will chime in with a better solution? Sorry I couldn't be of any further help!



  • liz_cp

    Hi All, we are looking for this same functionality. We would like to send a Smartsheet form to capture information from clients and then have them sign (Docusign) to say they agree to terms and conditions etc. We want to be able to do this in one step, so the form is emailed with a docusign signature field and all responses are populated 'back into' the Smartsheet with the signed form attached.

    Is there a roadmap for this feature?


  • Shelley Isbell

    Hello. My company needs this as well. We would like to capture the fill-in fields in Smartsheet. Is this functionality available?