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new Notifications

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i have added a new Notfication when a row is added i should get an email right away i tested a few times i added new row and saved it but i have not gotten any emails about the notfication 


anybody knows why ?


  • Is it possible to disable inserting rowa for a particular sheet even though other edit functions are enabled? we have some hidden columns in our project sheet that have values that are used in reports.  when a row is inserted instead of copied and pasted, the content of these hidden columns is not copied across and therefore these rows do not show up in the reports.  I have no way of stopping the end users from inserting rows currently but would like to either:

    1. give them a warning when they try to insert a row instead of copy and paste for this particular sheet


    2. just disable the insert row function for this particular sheet.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated,


  • Preston
    Preston ✭✭✭✭✭

    Ensure you have notifications turned on for your own changes, otherwise you will need to have other people make changes to see if the notification is working as intended.

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