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I took and passed the product certification exam on December 2, 2020 under my previous employer Booz Allen Hamilton account. I no longer work for the firm, however, would like to get my badge transferred to this profile? Please advise. Thank you, Cynkita Rasberry

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  • Bassam.M KhalilBassam.M Khalil ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Cynkita Rasberry

    Hope you are fine, you can contact using the following Email

    certific[email protected]

    Best Regards

    Bassam.M Khalil

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  • Genevieve PGenevieve P admin
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    Hi @Cynkita Rasberry

    Once you've touched base with the Certification team, if they were able to transfer your certification over to the new account, you can request the Badge in the Community by following the steps outlined in this FAQ, here: How do I earn points and badges?



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