Adding a new SHEET to Control Center projects

David Dolch
David Dolch ✭✭✭✭✭
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Is there a way to have Control Center add a new SHEET to existing projects? I can add new reports and dashboards, and I can add new COLUMNS to existing sheets in a project, but is there a way to add a new sheet?

At the very least, if I cannot automatically add a new sheet using control center, can I at least manually add the sheet and somehow get control center to recognize it for what it is?

Here is a situation. We updated our project package with a new sheet and a number of reports based off of that sheet. I can manually add that sheet to the existing project packages. However when I try to push out the new reports via a global update, I have to manually point each report at the new sheet I manually added. Is there any way to tell control center that the sheet I added is indeed the sheet that it is looking for based on the new Control Center template?


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  • David Dolch
    David Dolch ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Jaykel T.

    Thank you, that helps a lot for when I will have to add new sheets going forward. I wish there was a way to add sheets with links intact, but this is better than nothing.

    Is there any way to do this for existing sheets? We added two sheets to our blueprint and needed to add them to our existing 90+ in flight projects - so we did. Sheet by sheet, building in the 25+ cross sheet linkages and hyperlinks on each sheet manually. The other admin and I put in a LOT of hours to get this done.

    I do not want to go back and delete these sheets (especially since it will break the 6 reports and one dashboard that cascade off of these sheets) just so I can add them as a "New Template" and then have to rebuild of the links.

    Is there any way to "Tell" control center that a sheet I added is the sheet it is looking for, on a permanent basis? For example, one of these sheets is a "Issues & Action Items" sheet. Every time I run a global update to add a report or dashboard that references this sheet for a project where I added it manually, CC asks me to map the the local sheet it cannot find. Is there any way to map it once, and tell Control Center to remember this mapping?


  • Jaykel Torres

    Hey @David Dolch,

    There currently is not a way to establish a permanent "connection" between Smartsheet Control Center created items and manually inserted ones. All items would need to have been created in Smartsheet Control Center in order to properly run a Global Update.

    You may submit an Enhancement Request via this form for our Product Team to consider creating this feature. I also recommend signing up for a Pro Desk Session should you want to more clarification on Smartsheet Control Center features and best practices.

    Have a good weekend!

    Jaykel T.

  • GabyC
    GabyC ✭✭

    Hi All,

    Is there a way to add a new report in all of our active projects instead of going in project by project and creating the report from scratch?