Dynamic Drop Down lists from another column either within the sheet or from another sheet


I've searched, but everyone seems to say that this is not an option at the moment, are there any work arounds?

I want to create a page where someone can create a product id number based on several factors, i.e. category, model number, color, country, end customer

I'f like osmeone to be able to select the category (call it YYY), then be presented with a list of options for model number (XXX), then select a color (CCC), a country (NNN), then end customer (MMM) if applicable, which would then display the final product id (YYYXXX-CCC-NNN-MMM would be the final output displayed)

Is this possible on a dashboard?

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  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    @Byron Hu the solution depends on the relationships between the category, model number, colour, country and end customer.

    For example, are the model numbers, colours, countries & end customers the same (static) irrespective of which category is selected?

    Or does selecting category YYY mean a different set of model numbers, colours, countries & end customers each time?

    If each set is the same then you can use a function such as JOIN to add the selected results into a final product ID.