When downloading a template set, the dashboard doesn't seem to download with it.


I have been trying to download the Project Tracking and Rollup as well as the Project Schedule Management templates, which are both supposed to include pre-made dashboards, but the dashboards do not seem to download or populate. When I move the template set to a workspace, the dashboards still do not show, and when I specifically search for dashboards in the browser, nothing populates. Any recommendations?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Ari Moulton

    Is it possible that your plan does not include Dashboards, or has a limited number of Dashboards included? For example, an Individual Standard plan has 10 Sheets, 5 Reports, and 1 Dashboard included as part of the plan (see: Smartsheet Features by Plan).

    If this is your plan type and you already have a Dashboard, the Template Set won't be able to create another one within your account. You could either delete your current Dashboard to download a new one or ask another collaborator with a license or plan to download the Dashboard and share it with your email as an Admin.

    Let me know if this was the cause or not, and I'm happy to help further!