Effort based on number of people assigned


Hey, I'm struggling planning my projects with the available fields of 'Duration', 'Allocation' and 'Effort'

I know how many days/hours it takes to complete a task, I put this in duration. I assign three people to the task is there a way of the Duration being taken down by a factor of 3? So on a '3 man day duration' the task would take 1 day to complete with three people working on it.

As I see it I can put in an allocation % and reduce the time a person works on this task so that they are free to do other tasks but I can't reduce the time it takes to do the course by adding more resource to it.

Please help



  • David Joyeuse
    David Joyeuse ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @David Fellick

    If you do have a database of duration for everytask you have in your projects, you could use a formula along the lines of:

    =INDEX({Duration database range}, MATCH(Task@row, {Task database range},0)) * ([Allocation %]@row / COUNTM([Assigned To]@row))

    If you don't have that database, you're gonna need an helper column wherre you'll input the base duration for 1 person, then fill in allocation and assigned columns. And your formula in the duration column would be:

    =[1 person Duration]@row * ([Allocation %]@row / [Assigned To]@row)