Creating a sub-set view of a master sheet for external stakeholders to view and edit


Hello! New to smartsheets, so apologies if this is a novice question.

I have a master sheet which I am collaborating with my team on, and I want to be able to share with an external stakeholder an editable version with only select rows (based on a filter) and select columns visible but editable to provide updates. The report feature works almost perfect for this use case but I don't believe I can share with someone who does not have access to the source sheet (which I do not want to provide). I could publish the report but that does not give the external user write access. I've also considered using forms/automation, but I'm not sure how I can show many rows at once (otherwise it would be overwhelming for how many rows are involved). Lastly, I've considered linking to a separate sheet but new rows will be added and removed somewhat frequently that it will be a hassle stay on top of.

Any other ideas on how to do this?