Monthly PTO Report

We have a leave request sheet, in which we use to generate monthly PTO reports so that employees can keep track and verify their time off.

This report is ran once per month, and we use the date filter (for example for March, we used Start dates 3/1/21 - 3/31/21 and end date 3/1/31 - 3/31/21).

The issue I am having is that if someone took time off from 3/29 through 4/2, none of those dates are reflecting in the report (when they put in for time off, they use a calendar range).

Is there any way to filter the sheet in order to include only the dates in March and not the April dates?


  • Kimberly Loveless
    Kimberly Loveless ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Would it work if you changed the report filter to be if the start date is 3/1/21 - 3/31/21 OR end date is 3/1/21-3/31/21

    The one thing you would run into with this is you would get those that overlap months like the 3/29-4/2 example would show on both the March and April Reports

  • Thank you, Kimberly. We actually have it set up that way Start Date in between 3/1/21 and 3/31/21

    and then second filter End date between 3/1/21 and 3/31/21.

    It doesn't seem to be picking up any dates taken if they had the end of February or beginning of April (our one employee requested 3/29 - 4/2) instead of picking up 3/29 - 3/31 and not including 4/1 and 4/2, it completely left off the March dates within that PTO request.