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I'm working in a Master SS that all departments are contributing information into. My particular project is being run in a separate SS and I'm only pulling 5-6 line relevant line items in and linking them to the Master SS. Those 5-6 line items are the children in the Master SS under the department's name and they do not represent the % complete of the overall project. How do I disable the % rollup in the Master SS so I can link in the overall project percentage from the main SS I'm working off of?


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    You can deactivate it in the Project Settings.

    More info.

    % Complete Column—If you'd like to overlay a % Complete indicator within the task bars in the Gantt chart, and see automated % Complete calculations occur in the parent (summary) rows, select the column which contains % Complete information in your sheet.

    NOTE: The automatic % complete calculations in parent rows are based on your manually added % complete to child rows, as well as the duration of the child row tasks.

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