Reviewing Update Request info for 3rd Parties.


I am developing a booking system for requests using Smartsheet that outputs update requests to 3rd party couriers to submit quotations for services.

One of the couriers, who is consulting with me to ensure out output meets their business needs, has come back to me with a question about "the permanency of record" that i am unsure how to answer.

His question relates to reviewing information contained in the update request that is then unavailable once the update request has been closed. (for instance after entering a quotation and a quote reference he wanted to go back and check the postcode for a delivery he gets the message "this update request has expired."

So I'm trying to think of solutions that require as little intervention from those of us who administrate this service but which will allow the couriers to review the information they have issued a quote for perhaps hours or days after the update request was completed but before a final booking has been confirmed and sent.

Options I have considered range from a temporary GenDoc that contains the quote info added to the row as an attachment and forwarded with the update request? But as for the time being Gendocs are still manually filled in by the administrator of the Smartsheet I see this is workable but time-consuming to running a report to summarise the quotable info and manually triggering a fresh update request.

Am I overlooking a more simple and elegant solution and how else might I approach this problem to try and resolve it?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
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    Hi @Richard Healy

    At the bottom of each Update Request there's a box that says "Send me a copy of my responses" that your users can check. This will then email them a confirmation of their submission that they can look back on their quotes for future reference!

    I would suggest adding in helper-text to the subject line of your Update Request to make this option obvious to your users:

    Would that work for you? Our Help Center has more information on Update Requests, here.



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