Leave of Absence Template?

Hello! I'm super new to SmartSheet and I've looked for a template (can't find one) for Leave of Absence.

Is there anyone out there using SmartSheet to help them track the minutiae of employees out on leaves of absence (FMLA, non-FMLA, etc), tracking if medical notes have been received, returning employees in the HRIS, other personnel-related actions, etc?



  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Celeste Nudelman ,

    I don't have a template for you but your use case sounds very doable without a template. Start by determining what you need to get out of the tool. Will you be using it to automate approvals or reporting? Then diagram the inputs and flow required to get the desired outputs.

    I'd envision 1 master sheet with your data, several reports to extract, filter, and group data for specific requirements, perhaps a dashboard to display KPIs. Then, automation to request updates or prompt for data when something is coming sue or past due. Perhaps a form to initiate the LOA unless you are linking it to your personnel system.

    I suspect you can create this by watching a couple training videos and getting help in the community.


    I'm grateful for your "Vote Up" or "Insightful". Thank you for contributing to the Community.

  • Cesar J Chavez
    edited 06/10/22

    Hello Mark, I have the same project as Celeste. I already have the master sheet. I am just having trouble adding the list of leaves and the corresponding eligibility to the form. When entering the list I'm receiving a message that the drop down list exceed the max character. Do I need to create some type of lookup table? For example, a table with (1) Leave type column (2) Eligibilty description (3) instructions.

  • Hi @Celeste Nudelman. Were you able to find or create a template for leaves of absence? I would be thrilled if you could share one. We are looking to use Smartsheet to calculate eligibility for FMLA, track leave periods, send notifications, create forms, etc. Anything you can share from your experience using Smartsheet for leaves would be greatly appreciated.

  • Good morning Daniela,

    I was hoping someone else had created a template, but in the end I built it out based on our need. I used some work flows that generate an email to me for the following (one for FMLA leaves and one for non-FMLA leaves, for a total of 6 workflows):

    • the day an employee is to return to work if there is no requirement for a note to return
    • one week before and the day an employee is to return to work to request a release to return to work or updated medical documentation
    • one week before and the day an employee is to end restricted or light duty

    I have the workflows set to email our leave group email box directly rather than to the employee and manager so that the Leave Coordinator (not me anymore) can review our inbox and confirm that we have or have not already received the documentation we're about to ask for. It permits us the chance to customize the message. It could also be set to email the employee and manager directly but there would need to be a couple more columns with email addresses and the workflow changed slightly.

    I used conditional formatting to show me when an employee is out on a non-FMLA leave more than 30 days and more than 180 days (we have union requirements related to these time frames).

    I know this is probably very basic, considering all that Smartsheet is capable of, but this helps to keep us on top of the multitude of timelines that have to be tracked. We have about 1,600 total employees in my department. I also wasn't sure how to share a template of our tracker with the community, so I've included lots of screenshots.

    Take care, everyone!

    Celeste Nudelman, SHRM-CP

    Multnomah County Health Department