Reference cell to the left of the current cell

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Can anyone come up with a way to reference the cell to the immediate left of the current cell without having to specify the column name to the left?


  • Jen LangeJen Lange ✭✭✭✭

    @Rob Oaks , what are you trying to accomplish that requires you not to reference the column name?

  • I have about a dozen pairs of alternating %/Hours columns as show below. The Hours column formula always referes to the % column formula to its left. They are all configured as column formulas.

    I was hoping to just use the same column formula in all of the Hours columns.

    Silly me, however, as I just realized that I could just create a cell formula in the first Hours column, copy it to the other Hours columns, and _then_ convert them all to column formulas. In that way, the % column references, which are relative, are automatically updated as I copy.

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