How do I get dates on my widget's horizontal axis?


My dashboard has a widget to show a certain statistic. The data comes from multi-column sheet, 4th column as you can see below.

But I can't see to get the date to populate the horizontal access.

How do I do that?


  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Hans E ,

    Open your chart widget for edit. Under "Columns Included" there are 3 toggles. Select use column names as category labels and use first column as series labels. Does that get the result you want?


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  • Hans E. Eisenman

    Unfortunately no. The "Use first column as series labels" is grayed out.

  • jmcallister

    I have a similar issue. I have created a report that summarizes the level of effort for each assigned to. Although I get a total effort and count of items for each assigned to, I do not know how to get a label for each assigned to.

  • jmcallister
    jmcallister ✭✭
    edited 04/05/23

    I was able to resolve my above issue. I was trying to chart data with an incorrect report. Once I had created the correct report format the chart worked GREAT!

    Specifically, the REPORT I created had

    Columns Sheet Name Assigned To, SEff(Small Effort), MEff(Medium), and LEff(Large)

    Filter Assigned To is not blank

    Group Assigned To

    Summarize SEff, Meff, LEff

    Sort Assigned To Ascending

    The CHART variables

    Columns All columns

    USE column Names as Category Labels

    Use First Column as Series labels

    Chart Type Column

    Title Effort by Assigned To

    Horizonal Axis Assigned To

    Vertical Axis Effort in Hours