Connecting Smartsheet to existing Outlook Calendar


Our team uses an existing O365 Outlook calendar to track events. We'd like to tie in a smartsheet to that existing calendar, but the only way that it seems possible is to create a separate calendar just for Smartsheet. Is there a solution where I can add smartsheet events (start/end date) automatically to this existing calendar? Thanks in advance!


  • Krissia B.
    Krissia B. Moderator

    Hello @eric_moss66076 ,


    Upon further review & testing on this, at this time - this feature is not currently available. Please submit a Smartsheet Product Enhancement Requests using this form.


    In the meantime, I recommend to make sure that your users are subscribed to the calendar you have added in the Outlook. When using the Smartsheet calendar url & its added into your Outlook, this creates a separate calendar. You want to make sure that the calendar you want is toggled on/selected so then you see an overview of it in the view combined with any existing calendar. See image below for reference.


    Visit the link below for more information on this.

    Publishing a Smartsheet Calendar to iCal