Going Crazy!! Need help! Dashboard Metric

What am I doing wrong? I'm setting up a dashboard (picture 1). The Sheet Summary (picture 2) is capturing the correct Median value using the formula =Median([Data Approval Cycle Time]:[Data Approval Cycle Time]. Super simple formula even I cannot mess up. And I mathematically verified the median in Excel.

When I set it up in the dashboard (picture 1), I select the sheet (there is only 1 to pick), I select Sheet Summary for the metric; and for some reason the Median is posting the value of the 1st row (picture 3).

Yesterday, I deleted and recreated the metric on the dashboard. I logged in and out- it would setup correctly (median posting 6) for a few minutes then when I would refresh the screen it would go back to 43. All the other values are correct- it is just this one.

WHAT!?!?! AM I doing wrong!!!! IT is pulling the wrong information and everything is set up correctly!