Email limit reached?

Every day for the last 6 years or so I have shared a sheet with a group via email, now the last 2 days I have received the attached error message. I have reached out to support and not heard anything back for a few days. When I look at this forum I see others asking this question and all they get is a link to the limit policy which I have read and does not answer my issue. Why could I do it every day years and now I can't? Unfortunately it makes Smartsheet unusable for me so I will need it resolved or will need to move on.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Mike Mallery

    Is it possible that you now have other automations built in which are causing you to reach the limit that you didn't use to have? For example, sending an email by using an @mention counts towards the email limit. Additionally, the notification limit is based on 24hrs, so if you shared a sheet in the evening of one day and then in the morning of the next day, those actions would count as the same "day" or 24-hour block.

    What about sharing sheets with these users by Sharing and un-checking the Notify People box? Then you can email the URL to these users from your inbox so it doesn't count towards your Smartsheet emails.