Are Dashboards working as intended?


I am trying to build a simple chart in a Dashboard based on data from a Report. When I am in Editing Mode I can select the Report, build the Chart, and change some things until it looks good. Then when I click Save (to get out of Editing Mode), the Chart that I once could see now says "Unable to display chart. We're unable to read the source data. Please ask an Admin to select a different data range for this chart".

After that, I am no longer able to Edit. I have to Delete, build a new Chart, looks good, then Unable to display when I save again.

Am I doing something wrong?...or are there some known bugs in the Dashboard / Portal?

This happens in either "New" or Classic" modes.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @ChrisWolfeENG

    It sounds like the Report doesn't have the content in the grid of the Report, but you're using the Summary feature to try and build the chart, is that correct? Our team is currently working on the functionality to create Chart Widgets out of Grouped and Summarized Reports, however this is not yet released.

    There should be a small note at the top of your Source Selection window when you click on the Report which clarifies this:

    That said, they recently were able to release the functionality of displaying Grouping and Summary in a Report type of widget, if that would help! See: Grouping and Summary in Report Widgets

    If you'd prefer to create a Chart, the way I would do this is to create a "Metric Sheet" which has cross-sheet formulas creating calculations, then use this sheet as the source for the chart. Let me know if you'd like to go down this route and I'm happy to help create those formulas.