Introducing a new way to scale work management with Smartsheet Advance (ENGAGE: ALL-IN Announcement)

Hi Community, 

We are excited to announce the launch of Smartsheet Advance. Smartsheet Advance builds on the foundation of core Smartsheet capabilities and extends them to meet the needs of entire organizations and enterprises. Advance is a new way to build end-to-end solutions, handle even more projects, and scale your solutions across the enterprise.

Smartsheet Advance includes capabilities to: 

  • Achieving process management at scale through Control Center,
  • Managing secure requests with Dynamic view 
  • Plugging Smartsheet into systems of record like Jira and Salesforce with Connectors
  • Creating intelligent workflows to automate business processes across platforms with Bridge 
  • Add powerful governance and administration capabilities through Admin Center. 

With Advance, you will have no more usage limitations on Control Center blueprints, Data Uploader workflows, or Dynamic View configurations.

Read more about Smartsheet Advance and the value it can bring to you here. Learn more about Smartsheet Advance capabilities by signing up for our free webinar series here.



Director, Product Marketing