Report Grouping Work Around


I have a list of SOPs and their supporting documents (Forms, Logs etc).

As you can see in the Excel example, we have the SOPs in Green and the supported docs below. Some, like the SOP Training/Retraining Record, are used for multiple SOPs.

I tried:

  • Using Gantt functions, added a Predecessor Column but I couldn't run a report on that.
  • Deleted all that info, added a Text/Num column so i could enter multiple row numbers to associate.
    • Could run a report but Grouping didn't work right. If a cell had multiple values would group them as one
  • Changed that column to Multi-Select Drop Down
    • Wasn't able to run Grouping on that column at all

Does anyone have thoughts on how to develop a work around where I can generate a list like above, where I can tag each row with it's associated SOPs, and then generate a list of all SOPs with their associated documents, allowing for duplication of supporting docs?


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