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SmartSheet and OneNote - Where is Integration?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I see posts going back to 2015 and older promising OneNote integration.

If you're not going to do it - just say so.

SmartSheet is a fine product, but without ON integration, it creates too much effort to keep both platforms current.

OneNote is fantastic at the details of PM, but does not handle the organizational aspects of managing projects - things SmartSheet does.

There is a natural synergy between the apps.

Based on the comments in this forum, there is a population waiting for it.

I will let my trial expire if I see no indication of OneNote integration on the horizon.

Nice product, but doesn't save me any time without any automation between the apps.

Does something like Zapio work?  Has anyone tried it?


  • Kara Lumley

    Hi there,

    While we'd love to have a OneNote integration (I personally would as well), other Microsoft integrations have taken priority over this, which are being developed over the next two quarters. I apologize that I don't have a better answer than perhaps later this year to begin on development, but Zapier does have an integration with both OneNote and Smartsheet that may be an option for you in the meantime. 

    How would you imagine the integration to work? We are thinking of having OneNote files become attachments to a Smartsheet row. Any use cases you would like to give us would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Kara Lumley

    Smartsheet Product Manager

  • KathyH
    KathyH ✭✭✭
    edited 05/19/17

    "We are thinking of having OneNote files become attachments to a Smartsheet row."

    We can already do this by saving a OneNote page or section as a document and manually attach the file so I don't see any gain.

    OneNote integrates with Outlook, allowing a user to set a follow up task for any paragraph in a note. Integrate OneNote with Smartsheet in some way that will perform a similar function. That's real value.

    I also agree with the previous poster. Smartsheet folks were talking 2 years ago about creating a OneNote integration. Please make a commitment and follow through.


  • MarkT

    At the very minimum please allow hyperlinks in smartsheets that link directly to a ON section (i.e. onenote:/// C:\MyOneNoteNotebook.one#section-id={1155B959-28DB-4363-B3C6-ED1B29ABB289}&end).  This would be very useful.



  • Clark Walliser

    I see there is an Evernote link on the attachments menu. Why not just add a OneNote link?


  • Paul Watson

    +1 for OneNote integration.

  • JeremiahHorstick
    JeremiahHorstick ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    OneNote allows the user a more flexible space for Less action oriented thoughts. A lot of times I use OneNote when I'm sketching a picture such as a quick schematic for a component to be fabricated, a sketch of a room on a construction project, or marking marking up topographical drawings of a property.

    I was talking to one of my associates yesterday about how we would start contemplating rough ideas in OneNote and then move the idea in to Smartsheet once that idea became actionable.

    In some cases I would desire and integration with OneNote that would maintain congruence between the hierarchical structure of pages of notes and a parent-child structure within a sheet.

    There are other scenarios where I would simply like to be able to link an individual page within OneNote or a group of notes to a dashboard or an individual row. That capability may already exist by simply creating a HTML link in any application however I'm just not aware of it.

    Our company stores collaborative OneNote files in OneDrive and smartsheet contains the capability to link files in OneDrive. This is possibly a feasible solution.


    How would you have it work?


  • jennifer.jessop44491

    I would like to add my vote to allow OneNote links in smartsheet rows. Is this something Smartsheet is pursuing? 

  • Jenann Self

    I am interested in the Insert OutLook Meeting details functionality in OneNote. With one click I have all my meeting details without typing them over again in a sheet.

    I would like to be able to pull these meeting details into Smartsheet as column information or have the same ability in Smartsheet to directly add the Meeting details from an Outlook Calendar invite into a sheet as data points not in comments. 

  • tharness

    I plus plus plus this. I love Onenote and I love Smartsheets so far. But I really need to be able to integrate Outlook, OneNote and Smartsheets. I work a ton out of emails and I have a system where I send emails into OneNote, and I also use OUtlook task and I can sync those with OneNote. So I keep a ton of info and reference material in Onenote along with Projects and tasks. 

  • JeremiahHorstick
    JeremiahHorstick ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 10/06/18

    I agree and have plans to work on something. I created a simple integration with QuickBooks. Is this something you'd like to work together on?

    The Outlook integration currently offered allows the user to attach email contents directly to a sheet from within Outlook.

    My goal is to see my tasks between Smartsheet and Outlook sync.

    I'd also like to directly open notebooks from Smartsheet for editing. I suppose this is possible with the onedrive integration and seperate notebooks. I'd like to be able to create new notebook tabs/sections and organize notebook structure within Smartsheet.

    What kind of functionality do you envision for these integrations?

  • Rich C

    Hi Jeremiah-

    Curious what kind of integration with QuickBooks you created. Are you able to write to QBs and create Estimates/Sales Orders from SmartSheet data?

  • JeremiahHorstick
    JeremiahHorstick ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Rich, 

    I have my Smartsheet dropdowns being populated with QB Vendors, Customers & Items to collect validated info for AP Invoice (Bill), Receipt, Bid & pick-ticket workflows with an import from Smartsheet to QB for transactions. (like bill.com with smoother workflows & a tighter integration with the rest of our operation)

    We have validation mapped to import:

    Journal Entries


    Sale Orders

    Purchase Orders





    Sales receipts

    Bill Payments 



    Credit Card Charges & Credits




    & Inventory

    What version of QB are you using?



  • Rich C


    Thank you for the quick reply. We are using QBs Enterprise. Would you be willing to explain how exactly you're importing from Smartsheet to QBs? Are you using Intuit's QODBC to write to QBs? Did you create the code or use 3rd party company that you could refer?

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